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Aqueous chemistry of lithium production 

​This paper presents an overview of the aqueous chemistry found in lithium processing. The sulphate and chloride systems are examined via modelling of the relevant chemistry. Examples used are the purification and extraction of lithium from sulphate solutions arising from processing spodumene and clay, as well as concentrating, purifying and precipitating lithium carbonate from a generic salar brine.
Make OLI simulation your strategy: how OLI water chemistry simulation technology is revolutionizing the mineral processing business

​OLI Systems, Inc. is a technology leader for electrolyte chemistry-based process simulation applications. OLI software is used by hundreds of companies in many capital-intensive industries to address water chemistry challenges. In the development of mineral processes, OLI simulation technology often becomes mission-critical to generate cost savings and confidently assess project feasibility particularly when exploring initial concepts, working on concept development, engineering activities and commissioning, … as well as in optimizing mining asset operations, and assessing mineral process environmental impact. 
Breakthrough chemistry simulations for lithium processes 

​OLI Systems’ MSE databank now has parameters to simulate lithium & potash chemistry in the OLI v9.6 platform. For leaching studies, evaporation studies, or for simulation of any phase of lithium extraction from either mineral ore or from evaporation of lithium-bearing brines, this software can save time and effort on engineering analysis, dramatically improve accuracy of simulation modeling, accelerate new project design and improve the quality of operations.
Predict potash chemistry behavior with OLI 

​The OLI Systems MSE databank now includes parameters for rigorous simulation of potash chemistry in the new v9.6 platform.  Combine this new data ability with OLI Systems’ state-of-the-science software  to get accurate potash chemistry simulations for existing process designs.

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